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Weapons Introduction

Maxx Fairo

Senior Professor Kenpo
Master of Bo Staff
Discover the art of weaponry with our comprehensive Weapons Introduction Course.

What's included?

  • Introduction to weapons
  • 4  Videos

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You will learn how to develop, organize Test to see if weapons and martial arts are your thing. 

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Continmue your growth on how weapons and martials arts complement each other
Meet the instructor

Maxx Fairo

Senior Professor
Mr. MaXx Fairo is a martial arts savant with an impressive multi-disciplinary expertise that extends far beyond Kenpo, the art in which he holds a 7th-degree black belt.  Mr. Maxx is also a black belt in Iaido and holds a BJJ blue belt. His mastery isn't limited to hand-to-hand combat; it spans an impressive arsenal of weapons including the bo staff, nunchucks, arnis sticks, and knives. With decades of experience, Mr. Maxx offers a comprehensive weapons curriculum that integrates traditional forms, cutting-edge techniques, and tactical applications. His teaching philosophy goes beyond mere skill acquisition; it delves into the history, ethics, and spiritual aspects of weapon use in martial arts. For Mr. Max, each weapon is more than a tool—it's an extension of the martial artist's own body and mind, to be wielded with both technical proficiency and profound respect. Whether you're a novice seeking basic knowledge or an experienced martial artist aiming for mastery, training under Mr. Maxx promises not just skill but wisdom.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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