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Panther Yellow Belt Series

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Maxx Fairo

Martial Artist | Kenpo Master | Inventor 40 years of dedicated training in Kenpo have shaped me into the martial artist I am today. With mastery in five weapons and a 7th-degree black belt, I am deeply committed to the art's principles of discipline and self-improvement. As an innovator, I have developed the groundbreaking Martial Arts Mechanics system, combining the laws of physics with martial arts techniques to elevate the effectiveness and efficiency of movements. I am the proud owner of Panther Kenpo Martial Art School, where I inspire and empower students of all ages to embrace the values of respect, discipline, and personal growth. Join me on this extraordinary journey of martial arts, as we unlock our potential and discover the true essence of Kenpo together. Let's support and uplift one another as we strive for mastery
Patrick Jones - Course author
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