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An Introduction to Kenpo

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Quentin Fairo

1st Degree Black Belt

Maxx Fairo

Senior Professor
7th degree Black Belt

Kenpo is a dynamic martial art that blends rapid strikes with fluid movements, emphasizing self-defense techniques. Rooted in both Chinese and Japanese traditions, it offers practitioners a comprehensive system for physical fitness and practical combat skills.
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Dive into our Kenpo course, a concise yet enlightening exploration of this revered martial art. Within, discover the foundational principles, learn about its rich history, and get a glimpse of its powerful techniques. This bite-sized content is designed to provide newcomers with an insightful introduction, setting the stage for a deeper journey into the world of Kenpo.
Meet the instructor

Maxx Fairo

Senior Professor Maxx Fairo, a distinguished 7th-degree black belt, has dedicated four decades to mastering and disseminating the intricate art of Kenpo. With an unwavering commitment to the discipline, he stands as a beacon of expertise and leadership, ensuring that the rich traditions and techniques of Kenpo are passed down with precision and passion.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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